So, I was asked to help set up this race. My feeling was to pick a course that was a natural speed line through the park, and I asked Dave Addington to help me.

(Photo by Paul Kays)

On the day of the race, Dave and I got there early and set it up, all the while debating where to place each cone. Pat Chewning was the instigator of this whole thing, and was setting up the sound and details with his computer. This was truly the Slalom Geeks meet the park riders. With the Sanction of the City of Aumsville, and the State of Games of Oregon, it was official.

The locals were a little put out that they had to pay money to race, but some of them did just that, and had fun. Some just barged when no one was officially running the course. It's a public park after all. It would have been nice to have Oregon State Games let the locals participate for free, especially the kids. But, that's just wishful thinking on my part, I'm sure.

After it was all set, we raced.

(Photo by Paul Kays) My old self cruising through the course. I was first in my age group and fourth fastest time overall.

(Photo by Paul Kays) Rich from Earthpatrol taking the line around the corner. Rich landed the Bronze in his division.

(Photo by Paul Kays) Adam had a great time placing second in his age and third fastest time overall.

(Photo by Paul Kays) Brogan Robinson ripped this place. He placed first in his age group and had the fastest time of any competitor. Way to go Brogan!

(Photo by Paul Kays) The groms rule Ausmville.

(Photo by Paul Kays) Master division.
Left To right. Rich Burton (bronze), David Addington (Silver), Paul Howard (Standing in for me - Gold).

   During a break in the action, I thought a fs air or two would be fun (Click photo for larger image).
Video from Paul Kays, Thanks Paul!

Final Results.

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