An older park, located next to the community center.

   A common design flaw. Concrete level with the dirt allows mud and dirt to flow in (Click photo for larger image).

Also at this location, I saw this cool pipe and had to include it.

The sign says:
This 20' section of wooden pipe was part
of a ten mile pipeline that carried water to
the lake Youngs Resevoir. The pipe was
installed in 1930 and removed in 1991. It
was intended to last for 20 years but it
lasted 60 years. It is made from vertical
grain douglas fir treated with creosote.
It could carry 130 million gallons a day,
but averaged 65 million gallons.

This pipe was donated by the Seattle Water
Dept. Thanks to Puget Power and the
Kessler family for their work on this display.

Maple Valley Skatepark
22010 SE 248th St.
Maple Valley, WA 98038