These early photos were frame grabs from my video camera in 2001. Steve pulling a frontside air.

You never know when the Q man will show up. I skated with him 20 years ago, and here we are again!(2001)

Frontside Grind. This is an old shot. Oct. 2001. Check out my visor and old crossbones, older LIB Tech. (2001)

Phil was pulling these like no problem. (2001)

Chad was flying out of that place, both frontside and backside. I believe he said that once the park was built, he moved to Aumsville. (2001)

This is Stevie. He was 10 years old at the time (2003). He also was doing frontside 50-50's in the deep end. I asked if it was ok to take his picture, because I've run into city parks people who don't believe me when I say that little kids like to ride deep bowls too.

On our way back from California, we skated Aumsville at 1am until about 3am. Oh, by the way, it's totally lit up all night. Here you can see my lights under my board.( August 19, 2003)

Steve was ripping it up like usual.

I've skated with Shawn a couple of times. He rips. Here he's doing a 360 over the spine. (April '04)

Dave getting a good frontside grind.

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8824 Mill Creek Rd. S.E.
Aumsville, OR 97325

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