Renton, Washington

I got some templates from Patrick, and that got me started. I've been thinking about getting a ramp going for quite some time. And with the winter ahead, I knew I didn't want to skate at the Barn any longer, or be dependant on their stuffy park. It's about 15 feet wide, and 5.5 feet high. This photo was taken Sept. 21, 2003.

Framing it up takes a while.

Late September.

I needed sheeting. It's the most expensive part of the ramp. Patrick gave me a bunch of 2x4's. However I didn't have enough sheeting. I got some from Bellevue's Skatepark, that was being remodeled. Then Raincity was going bankrupt, and I got 40 sheets for 40 bucks. A sweet deal.

October 18th '03. I only put one layer on at this time. I figured I needed to finish the roof before finishing the rest.

Framing up the Decking. I've never done a ramp with a deck before. Man, it makes the ramp bigger than it really is. Should be nice though.

Framing for the roof is done.

I didn't want to use just a tarp. So, I used a tarp, reinforced with the 3/8 inch sheeting. We'll see if it works.

Second page of mini ramp photos. (The inaugural session).

Third page of mini ramp photos.

Fourth page of mini ramp photos.

Fifth page of mini ramp photos.

Download a release form to skate my ramp. Kids under 18 need to have their parents sign it. Also, kids under 18 need to wear a helmet.