Ballard has become my favorite bowl in the Seattle area. I've accumulated more photos of this place, and so, I decided to just to continue to add pages, instead of deleting old photos. At the bottom you will see more links to more pages of Ballard Photos. thanks, dan

Movie compiled throughout 2003.

Movie compiled throughout 2004.

Dan Tail Stall.

Frontside air at ballard. Remember Hughes Air West? That's me at 39. Photo by Todd.

Steve showing how it's done.

Getting the speed line, with a full speed carve grind.

Steve tapping his knee, he calls it a "Knee On."

Dan's frontside slash.

Steve Rolling in frontside

Squash bug frontside air, Rob style.

Rob Skala doing his classic hand plant.

Rob on his skates.

Carve grind caught by Todd at Ballard.