City of Seattle website, concerning the park with the Bowl we love.

King 5 coverage, November 9, 2003.

In the Stranger Jan. 29, 2004.

In the Stranger Feb. 19, 2004.

Seattle Times, March 4, 2004.

Ballard News Tribune, March 2, 2004.

Seattle PI, March 6, 2004.

King 5 coverage, March 6, 2004.

Press Release, Jan Drago, president of the city council supports our cause. March 6, 2004.

Ballard News Tribune coverage of the meeting on March 9, 2004.(edit: BNT has no archives, and I didn't copy this particular article. If you have it email it to me.

A good summary of the issue at hand. The Stranger March 25, 2004.

Patty Paynter talks about the Ballard situation in the Seattle PI on March 31, 2004.

Politically Speaking by James Bush (The Seattle Sun, April 2004.)

The Conversation on KUOW, download the hour show. (April 8,2004.)

Ballard News Tribune, April 15, 2004. Coverage of the April 8th hearing.

Seattle Times May 13, 2004, coverage of the situation that the bowl is in.

Seattle Times, May 14,2004. Review that says that the Parks Advisory Board recommends retaining the Ballard Bowl.

Seattle Times, May 16,2004. Coverage of the Skate-March on May 15th 2004.

Seattle Post Intelligencer, May 22,2004. Ken Bounds decides to make a new bowl to replace the temporary one.

Seattle Sun, June,2004. Summary of the Ballard Bowl situation.

Ballard News Tribune, July 8th 2004. Dispute over size of skate area in new park.

Seattle Post Intelligencer, August 19,2004. Picketing in front of City Hall, coverage.

Seattle Times, August 22,2004. Ballard bowl protest at the bowl, city claims bowl is cracked therefore temporary.

KIRO TV, August 22,2004. Roller Bladers(?) Ballard bowl protest at the bowl, city claims bowl is cracked therefore temporary.

Ballard News Tribune, Sept. 15, 2004, "Keep it, move it or kill it?", By Adam Richter

Seattle Times, Monday, September 20, 2004. "Don't waste money; keep skate bowl", KATE MARTIN GUEST COLUMNIST.

Ballard News Tribune, October 21, 2004, " Parents lobby to keep skate bowl ", By Steven Clark