The bowl is finally open.

The bowl is apart of a larger park called Ballard Commons.

Ryan, a Ballard local was killing the bowl with airs.(Photo by Todd)

Carl, testing out the vert wall. (Photo by Todd)

I didn't think I'd be able to grind this wall. Todd took this photo a little early, but this was my second go at it, and my first successful grind on it. (Photo by Todd)

Second grind, as caught by Todd.

Andre almost grinding backside. This wall has at least four 4 feet of vert. (Photo by Todd)

A little animated GIF of the second grind. Click here for the original movie of grind taken by Todd. (Thanks Todd!!)

Jesse dropping the big wall, is just plain gnarly! (Photo by Nick Dallett)

Seattle Times had this photo on page B4 of Sunday's paper.

Page two of Ballard photos
Page three of Ballard photos

Ballard, Washington Skatepark
22nd Ave NW & NW 57th St.
Seattle, WA 98107