Skate photos from 1975-77

This was my first board, a wood deck with wood wheels, and roller rink trucks (1975). I got it from my Uncle who made it in wood shop. The wood wheels didn't last too long.

My buddy Tim and I formed a catamaran. Popular trick at the time. The back of the picture it says Mar. 1977.

Ramps I made for freestyle, just for fun. Back of this picture says Sept. '77

In 1976 the Bahne skateboard team came in and did a demo in Totem Lake Shopping Center. Here's a photo of Bob Mohr doing a high Jump. The next day they held a slalom contest and a freestyle contest. In entered the Slalom, I was never good at freestyle.

After seeing the demo, I started practicing the high jump, highest I ever got was about three feet.

As the dog town guys said. It's all about style.