Burnaby(Bonsor) Skatepark, BC, Canada

It's difficult to get the whole park in one shot. This is mostly the street area. It looked pretty good, lots of variety.

Here's the bowl, with an 18 foot full pipe thrown in for good measure. This bowl is like a mini-Orcas, very fast and fun. And of course the full pipe is totally cool.

This was a nice flow area for kids to learn and older guys to have fun on. This place has something for everyone.

Matt was whipping around the whole bowl, and then fling himself up high into the pipe.

I liked the size of this pipe. It was a lot of fun. Now I want one.

John's first full pipe. He was so stoked.

A shot of Matt in the pipe, gives you a little perspective. It's a large pipe.

Matt loves doing front side airs in the pipe.

I couldn't decide which was the better photo.

Skating in November takes a little tenacity. We had to dry the park out first, the fog made everything wet.

No bikes....

This size pipe suited me just fine. Matt took some frames out of his video, so they are kinda small.

I did get a couple of grinds on the oververt extension.

Burnaby (Bonsor) Skatepark
6754 Jubilee Ave.
Burnaby, BC V5H 3G8, Canada