Brian skated in the Spokane Valley, 1978, this looks like the crew. Notice the 8 foot wide, no flat half-pipe. Skateboarder magazine printed plans, right in the magazine at the time, and many of us copied them and built this exact ramp. (Click photo for larger image).
   Here's Brian riding his ramp with no pads (well, he does have his safety hat on), doing a wheeler on a G & S Warp Tail 2. (Click photo for larger image).

   Joe Long moved to Spokane from California and did frontside airs and rock n' rolls on the gnarly side of the ramp (1978). (Click photo for larger image).
   Brian doing a grind at the Spoke N Sport ramp in Spokane. John Bianchi from Seattle is sitting in the corner; he was the best skater on the ramp with 50-50 to fakie and lot's more almost 20 years ago. Scott Rankin is standing on the far right. (Click photo for larger image).

   Brian with a fs grind at the Spoke N Sport ramp in Spokane. (Click photo for larger image).
   (Click photo for larger image).

   Brian learned 360 Rock'n Rolls before the ramp closed due to insurance costs. (Click photo for larger image).
   Bill Hagy skating UTF (under the freeway) before it was an official skatepark (In Spokane). He owned a skateshop and promoted contests held in downtown Spokane. Bill had a huge influence on Brian's skating during the mid to late eighties. (Click photo for larger image).

   Brian couldn't remember his name, but he emailed me (in Jan. 2016), and this is Scott Rankin. He said, "I'm from Coeur d'Alene Idaho. I built a barn ramp with some friends in Coeur d'Alene and also had a bigger outdoor ramp but both were in Idaho. My roommate at the time was a guy named Chris Manaras who was from Havre Montana. He is who you are referring to as the one who could go way oververt on the big metal full pipes and was generally a really burly rider. We were going to college in Spokane at that time with John Bianchi who was a rider from the old Fallout records team and took us to numerous skate spots in Washington." (Click photo for larger image).