The park is done 3/13/04. But the city doesn't want anyone skating it just yet. They want to do some landscaping. (click on photo for larger shot of park). Update. A week later it's open!

Click to play or download here a movie compiled from video throughout the year.(quicktime)

Seattle Times, April 15, 2004. Coverage of the park in the Northwest section of the paper.

A movie compiled from video throughout the year.(quicktime)

Doug captured a small movie at Carnation in March '04. (quicktime)

Getting a double truck grinder on the clamshell the first day. (photo by Doug)

I think that Rob will be back, he was doing some lofty airs! Nine feet deep in the deepend, was just about perfect for this sort of aerial wizardry.

There's as many hips here as there is at Aumsville, and Rob is testing this one out. I think it's working quite well.

Dave is getting it done in the deep end. Notice the abuse of the coping!

Steve did more than a couple of grinds on the clam shell.

So, these kids were hanging their fingers over the coping, thinking that they would be safe. They thought that they had found a really safe spot to view the action. I saw them up there. And I think that Dave warned them. I went full speed toward them, and did a nice gnarly grind right in front of them (don't worry, no kids were harmed in the shooting of this photo), they were so surprised, I watched their eyes as I went by. Big as saucers! It was priceless.

Mike did some cool smith grinds. He works at Gravity Sports in Renton.

Frank did some grinds on the clamshell too. I'm sorry the quality isn't there, it's simply a frame out of the digital movie camera.

Sometimes Rob pitches himself in the most awkward of ways. Then just lands, like nothing. Here he's doing just that. If you have any duct tape, Rob's in the market. His old Rector shorts are showing some wear and tear (literally).

Rob floating in the air again.

Some early designs proposed for Carnation.  

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Carnation Skatepark
Stossel Ave NE & Blanche St.
Carnation, WA 98014