Carter and Kim are from Texas. I hear it's pretty hot down there. Carter was up on a business trip, and is a fellow SPS skatepark advocate. So, we hooked up, and I played tour guide. Kim decided it was a great opportunity to see the NW again.

This is a classic shot of Carter. I think he does frontside grinds in his sleep. This was his first time at Crossroads (Bellevue, WA).

Carter on the clamshell. (Photo by Kim)

What can I say, Wade rips. He was visiting from Hawaii.

Another angle from Kim's camera (Photo by Kim).

Wade lien to tail (photo by kim)

Wade with a lien to tail, notice Kim on the left.

Mike is caught by Kim's Camera.

Mike over the hip to 5-0.

Frontside air, peak aboo (photo by Kim).

Kim has a cool camera with a wide angle lense. (Photo by Kim)

After skating Crossroads, we headed up to Arlington. Which took about an hour and a half to get there because of traffic. Kim took this shot of me doing a "J" slide.

After Arlington we went to Marginal way. This is Dan B., one of the instigators of getting Marginal way built. (Photo by Kim)