The combi bowl is a classic. It's a replica of the one in Upland from the '80s. There's a of photo of the original here.

Steve was so excited to ride the combi again, he was flying out that place.

Max loved the combi bowl too.

Steve riding the coping.

This bowl is a very interesting design. A square bowl connected to a round bowl (combination). With one inch pool tile along the top (red, white, and blue!), which, when ridden at speed through the corner, makes a cool sound. I couldn't believe how much fun it was just to ride the tile (dud,dud,dud,dud...)

Rob met some coold friends on his trip. Here is Johnny Faber.(Photo by Mark Center)

Rob got to skate the Combi, he was stoked. (Photo by Mark Center)

Rob can throw these down anywhere... (Photo by Mark Center)

Kristie ripping the bowl up. (Photo by Mark Center)

Kristie's friend riding the bowl too. (Photo by Mark Center)

20 City Blvd W.
Orange, CA 92868

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