Two different angles of the MRI image. The white area is the bulged area, or "ruptured" area of the disk. A healthy disk shows up as Lighter grey. You'll notice that the disk that is ruptured, is darker than the other disks. Bone also shows up as grey, and the nerves appear white.

I had surgery on Feb. 7th 2005. The injury occurred on Jan. 1st 2005. After the surgery, I waited about 6 weeks before skateboarding again. I went back to work (physical custodial work) 8 weeks after surgery. Today (Sept. 11, 2005) I'm probably 98% of where I was before this all happened.

When I first woke up from surgery, I noticed that I didn't have pain like I did before. The pain was gone, and the numbness was largely subsided. The only pain I had was from the surgery (cutting 3 inch incision in my back).

This all started from doing a layback air at Ballard. I should have bailed. But, instead I tried to land, and as a result, I landed low, and all twisted up. And the impact put so much pressure on my back, that I heard a "pop" sound. I felt my foot go numb for a moment.

I didn't know why it wouldn't heal. I kept skating, and it kept getting more and more painful. I thought I had pulled a ham string or something. Eventually, I couldn't walk right, because the nerves that operated my toes didn't respond, so I was limping because I couldn't even get up on the ball of my foot, but I didn't know why.

I went to a chiropractor, thinking it was a back problem, and that a chiropractor would be the answer. He did some adjustments, and deep massage. But nothing but Advil helped. Finally I went to sport medicine doctor. He checked my reflexes and could tell that I had done something to the nerves, because my left foot didn't respond (banging the back of the Achilles and nothing).

He said he wasn't going to do anything until I get an MRI. So, I got the results of the MRI on a Friday. And scheduled the operation for a Monday. Met with Dr. Lao on that Friday also. It was a whirlwind deal for me. Happened really quickly. But, that's what both Doc's recommended. They both said the longer I wait, the more damage that is done to the nerves. Boom.

I go into work on Monday, and tell them I'm leaving early, and will be gone for 8 weeks. Whew!

Now, the only thing that bugs me is that occasionally I'll get a bee sting sensation on my foot or somewhere on my left leg. I attribute this to nerves finally coming back...

Dan's Doctor Visit - Feb 4, 2005

  • Download MP3 audio file of doctor visit (takes a few minutes to download). This was the visit with Dr. Lao when we had to decide what to do. We decided to go with the surgery. (Click here - 15M)
  • Link to Dr. Laohaprasit's profile, I highly recommend him.
  • I thought it was best to listen to with ear phones. Tiny recording.