I've taken many photos over the years. From sunsets to cars, some are worth
sharing so this is where I'll link them, when I get them up that is.

Jamaican Sunset 1983  

The Lunar Eclipse 2/20/08  

DC Photos 10/15/08  

Snow Photos 12/23/08  

Orcas Island Photos 1/17/09  

Snoqualmie Falls Photos 1/18/09  

Seattle Photos 1/18/09  

Mt. St. Helens Photos 3/6/09  

Montana Photos 5/23/09  

Laguna Beach Photos 6/20/09  

California Coast Photos 6/23/09  

Cayman Island Photos 7/30/09  

Deer Valley Photos 9/07/09  

Salt Lake Photos 9/30/09  

Multnomah Falls Photos 11/26/09  

Hoover Dam/ Lake Powell - April 2010  

Minnetonka Cave at Bear Lake June 2010  

Fire Flies in Iowa 2010  

Lincoln City, Oregon Photos  

Moon Shots, August 2010   

Grand Teton Photos, August 2010   

Garden of the Gods Photos, Sept. 2010   

Dillion Pinnacles, Colorado Photos, Sept. 2010   

Colorado Sunset Photos, Sept. 2010   

Salt Lake Sunset Photos, Sept. 2010   

Mirror Lake Photos, Sept. 2010   

Aztec Ruins, New Mexico Photos, Feb. 2011   

Arches National Park Photos, Feb. 2011   

Salt Lake City Photos, June 2011   

Strawberry Reservoir Photos, June 2011   

Payette Lake (McCall, Idaho) Photos, July 2011   

Rainforest (Washington) Photos, August 2011   

Yellowstone (Wyoming) Photos, September 2011   

Payson Lake, Utah Photos, October 2011   

Shots of the Lunar Eclipse - December 10, 2011   

Tree Ice, Utah - January 2012   

Las Vegas Photos - February 2012   

Mt. Rushmore Photos - August 2012   

Photos of Tulips, Mt. Vernon, Washington - April 2013