The story is that I was down in Hood River racing Slalom boards in 2002, and on Saturday night the local skate shop invited us to a ramp in a warehouse, and fed us some of the best salmon I've ever had. It was a fun night with some real cool locals, and some of the old pro skaters like Dave Hackett and Steve Olsen. For me it was a real highlight to be able to skate with them. dan

Update. I understand Camp Dee is no more. So, now we can will just enjoy the memories!

The Ramp has some real pool coping to grind. Here's Dave Hackett, while Steve Olsen watches in the background.

Dave Hackett grinding on the spine.

Steve Olsen jumping up to the vert part of the ramp.

Dave doing a layback, a little old school is always fun.

Here I am seeing how high I can go up the vert wall. If I could jump spines I could have gotten higher.

See Gareth Roe actually does skate transitions, on occasion.