Donald has a great swimming pool and a mellow half-pipe to skate. Both are very smooth, and lots of fun to skate. (July '02)

Jeremy's getting his frontside kickturns down. Most of the pictures were frames taken out of my digital movie camera, sorry for the poor quality. (July'02)

I couldn't decide which frame was better.

Jeremy's getting air for the first time in a bowl. (July '02)

Notice the old blue coping. It was bad. Powdered away in no time. (Aug. ' 01)

Jeremy's first backside 5-0 grinds were here (Aug. ' 01).

Shawn carving over the stairs! (3/23/03)

Shawn rolling in to Donald. Let's see, compress and go!


Shawn frontside carve grind in the deep. The figure eight line, backside over the stairs, and frontside in the deep. (3/23/03)

Steve getting over the stairs with style! (9/7/03)

Donald, Oregon Skatepark
10853 Main St NE
Aurora, OR 97002