Glen's Old Skate Photos

We used to call this just a foot plant, but now it's called a fast plant. Glen demonstrating how cool Nike's and tube socks were back in 1980(?).

Glen skating Potter's indoor ramp.

Another nice shot of Glen doing a backside air. Like the panneling?

Here is Potter himself. I understand he was pretty good at the backside ollie, and this back in the 80's dude!

Graham writes in, "The frontside channel air at Olympic skatepark. That is Tim "Lunch"Johnson, from Victoria B.C. We all skated together in the Northwest Challenge back in the late 70's." Good to see that some of "The Old Boys "are still skating.

Mark Holt back side ollie in the tear drop bowl in Olympia. Notice, it was an indoor park, but the doors/walls could be opened if it was a nice day.

Kyle Kenny flying out of Kennewicks 14 foot deep bowl. Photo says Feb. '79 on the back.