The Harness over the mini-ramp:

So, I built a harness over the mini ramp in the garage. The story is that my wife wanted to learn to drop in but, after many failed attempts and tears at the local skatepark I wondered if there was a better way.

I did some searching on line for ways to make learning to drop-in safer. I discovered that ice skaters learn their difficult tricks with a harness which helps prevent hard falls. I figured I could adapt this idea to the mini ramp.

So I purchased some cable (I guessed 2,000 plus pounds would be enough strength) and a pulley and a harness. I attached the cable to four points on either end of the garage. Two of the connection points on either end go through the top plate, which I felt had the most strength. Then I used a come-a-long to tighten the cable. I attached the pulley and harness. I put the harness on to measure the height. I didn’t want my knees to hit, so I adjusted the length of the connection to the cable to prevent my knees from hitting the ramp.

After all that, it was ready to test!

1st Session with the harness.

June totally learns how to drop in.

An overview of June’s struggles with dropping in, but overcoming them.

In summary, it totally worked!