The Old Issaquah, WA Skatepark


Dedicated in July 1997, It used to be the Bomb! But, now skateparks have progressed quite a bit. This park is fun to ride to get a taste for what was good back then...

This is a far cry from a good location for a skatepark. It's hidden from view, and isolated from the rest of the park. It used to be easier to see, all the trees and grass and shrubs were cut back. Now there's a high fence with cameras to keep a close watch on the kids!

Let's see. It says to skate respectfully. Yet, the city put's up a fence so no one can see or read their signage. I wonder how the kids feel? Respected? I think not.

Tom Miller getting his stand up frontsides going in the mini ramp. It's fun in a rough concrete sort of way.

A close up shot of the proper way to do frontside stand ups...(actually I just messed up the photo, and thought it looked cool.)

Local Ripper John getting some huge air off that hip.

This is ok, bonky coping for 1997. Problem is when I see it still being put in park in 2003, in Yakima for instance.

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Old Address:
Issaquah Skatepark
301 Rainier Blvd S.
Issaquah, WA

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