Jeff's Backyard Ramp, WA

Jeff has done a masterful job on building this ramp. It's sound proofed, and sturdy, and covered.

Jeff is dropping in. He learned how to drop in, on his own ramp. Cool huh?

Carter is learning quickly. At 7 years old, he's got quite a nice place to skate.

Mike back smiths the ramp with ease.

Eric was tearing up the ramp as usual. But, my cheap digital camera wasn't quick enough!

James came out to skate on the dark winter night.

Chad is learning to drop in using Jeff's ingenious movable ramp/drop-in trainer.

It hangs by ratcheted tie downs, it's not connected to the ramp, it just hangs there and can be moved up or down very easily.

Greta demonstrates how easy it is to learn to drop in using this thing.