Rose Hill Jr. High, 1978

This is what was in the 1978 annual. Tim and I started this club. We were right up there with the Bowling club. We figured what the heck, why not use some school money to build ramps and skateboards and stuff. So that's what we did. It was fun. We held a couple of school contests, and built one ramp. I should say over built. You see, at the time my ramp building expertise consisted of putting a flat piece of plywood on a saw horse. So, when I told the Shop teacher/Advisor he made us build a stout ramp, which resembled that exact ramp. It was so funny, it took us nearly three weeks to make. I was like, "Why are we putting so much time into a flat ramp?" Teachers have to teach after all, eh?

Here's the group shot as seen in the annual, I'm the one with the big hair. Tim is standing to my right. Don't laugh, or I'll put pictures you up when you were a kid!