June's ramp started as a pile of wood in the garage.
I cut the transitions to 6.5 foot radius.

Next the area was cleared.

Framing up with 2x6's.

I decided to try and use the basement floor as the foundation for the flat.
I didn't know if it would work.

I used two sheets lengthwise and connected the ends with screws to the framed up transition componets.

Once it started going together, it looked like it might work.

One layer is done.

Second layer on.

Finished with two layers of 7/16 inch chip board, and one layer of masonite.

It's currently configured so that June can practice fakies and learn kick-turns. Later when she's ready, we'll put coping on and add a deck.
I attached the ramp to the walls to help stablize it.

Some details:
11 - Plywood (Chip board) - 7/16 inch at Home Depot for $9.64 each
5 - Masonite (Hard board) - 1/4 inch at Home Depot for about 6 dollars each
16 - 2x6's (92 5/8 inches long) - at Home Depot for $3.16 each
4 - 2x4's (92 5/8 inches long) - at Home Depot for $2.05 each
2 - Boxes of deck screws (though I've used some that I had too) 35 dollars
Ramp built for less than 300 dollars.

Having a place to skate whenever you want.... Priceless!

Finished with a little Vert:

link to page 2 of June's ramp