These young kids are little league age (12 and under), Yet they like deep bowls too.

This is Brian, he was 11 years old at the time. He dropped in the 14 foot deep area (Hailey Idaho), rode over the 16 foot pipe (up 14 feet and down 16 feet), all to fly out of the 13 foot deep bowl and do a 360 and land on the top of the deck. This is just to let you know that even kids of little league age can skate deep bowls too.

A 12 year old girl,April Woodcock is pretty good too. The link provides an interview and photos from The Side Project.

This is Stevie, he was 10 years old at the time, and skating the 10 foot deep Aumsville, deep end. And getting a frontside grind. Who says that shallow bowls is what kids want? Who ever says that obviously doesn't skate.

A 12 year old girl,Zea Skates pretty good too. I'm thinking I need to add a girls section, because I keep running into girls that rip too!

This is Nate, he's skating a real pool, and over the vent box in the deep end. By the way, he's only 9 years old.

This is Phoenix, he's 8 years old and skating the Ballard bowl with the big boys, and doing quite well thank you. The one point I want to drive home is that without deep bowls to skate, these kids wouldn't ever have a chance to learn how to skate deep bowls. Kids aspire to do what the likes of Tony Hawk does, and this will never happen in a bowl that is shallow. Also, another valid point is the comparison to other sports. Kids that are 13 years old, play on full sized courts and fields. So, there's no reason that skateparks should be small, just to accommodate the younger kids. They also need to skate full sized skateparks, just like Tony Hawk. The myth is that the whole park needs to be small for these kids, but these kids only stay beginners for about a year, after that they want something more challenging.

Phoenix is now 10 years old. And he's now progressing above the lip largely due to being able skate deeper bowls.

This is 10 year old Ben, from Salem. Nice backside air, for a 10 year old.

Now that I've seen 10 old Ben making his way over the stairs, it's clear all these kids need is gnarly (read difficult) terrain to progress.

Makena is the most stoked 8 year old I could ever imagine. At the park he pretty much shows up and takes over, he covers the whole park with only a couple of kicks and has all the angles and transitions down pat....he's like a pinball in a pinball machine.

Makena rides some cool boards too.

Nik and Tristan are 8 year old twins, and they appear to excel at skating deep bowls. This is Nik with a frontside air. (Photo by Mike Muir)

This is Tristan doing a huge air transfer as high as this little girl.
More photos of these two can be found here.(Photo by Mike Muir)