Klamath Falls, OR

A small movie with Steve, Tom, Bill, and myself at Klamath Falls Skatepark 2/15,16 2003 (3.4 MB). (quicktime)

Download Quicktime player here if you need to.

OMG! Klamath Falls is sick, and this is one of those one in a million shots, that Steve took on one of our last sessions of the day. Thanks Steve! Welcome to the Cradle at Klamath Falls, the oververt part of the Johnson bowl!

Tom frontside over the cradle.

Steve getting upside down inside the cradle at Klamath Falls.

Getting up on the cradle allows one to see the whole park!

The locals are checking out the radical scene.

The locals are taking notes while Tom's just checking out the cradle.

Tom's grinding the punk wall. Similar to Seaskate's wall.

The Amoeba Bowl was fun. It didn't go to vert, but had perfect tranny, and perfect coping. Just wish it went to vert.

Did a couple of one foot grinds in the Square pool. It was lot's of fun too. But it could have been deeper for even more fun.

Steve's just a blur at times.

Tom Grinding the Cradle.

Just hang on!.

On our way back from California, we stopped in Klamath Falls again.

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Klamath Falls Skatepark, Oregon
4500 Foothills Blvd.,
Klamath Falls, OR 97603