Movie of Steve and Dan, we're the train! (2.1 meg). (quicktime)

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I love going to parks that have just opened. Kids are all standing around wondering what to do. I show up and do a couple grinds, and they ask me if I'm sponsored! In less than a year, they will be ripping the place apart!

Jeremy cruising through the snake run, which ends in a bowl.

Ok, so the bowl isn't that big or deep. But, like any Dreamland Creation, it's smooth and fast, and loads of fun.

Everytime I head to Hailey, I'm sure to stop in Kuna. Fun little park.

Trip in May '05. A guy can come down the snake run with so much speed, that a flatwall carve grind is not a problem.

Kyle is ripping the bowl. Nice air!

Max liked Kuna, a nice grind in the corner.

Tom a local Bosie guy came out to join the fun. (Photo by Max)

Micro was digging the snake run. We used to skate the Old Olympic skatepark, which had a snake run also.

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W 2nd St & Ave C
Kuna, ID 83634

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