The old park, opened in 2004 destroyed in 2016.

Leavenworth Skatepark. It's small, but a lot of fun, and a good place to learn how to ride Cradles, and hips.

Click to play or download this little movie from out visit to Leavenworth.

Download Quicktime player here if you need to.

Notice Dave is getting the technique of riding the cradle. He's pivoting around his head.

The deepend is 9 feet deep, and deep enough, with vert, for Mike to do a lien to tail.

The bank wall provides a hang-up free area to land airs off the hips. Good place to practice getting air over hips.

When asked how high Dave thought he was, he said that he was about an inch or two over the vert line. This photo demonstrates he's far more than an inch two. Try a foot or three! (Click the photo for a larger one)

Mike's going over the loveseat frontside.

A local was demonstrating how easy it was for him to get over the loveseat, backside.

Cradle is a little smaller than Lincoln City's.

Dave was hitting the frontside carve pretty consistently.

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