McMinnville, OR

Here's a side shot of the "street" area. 7 foot trannies with vert and pool coping. Looks more like a vert ramp, with stuff in the middle.

Since the park is build on a flood plain, the bowl had to have a large drain so fish could escape. Dreamland decided a 7 foot hole would suffice. It makes the bowl interesting for sure. Looks like an 8 foot deep bowl, with 7 foot trannies.

The hole forced Jeremy to do a backside carve grind. Something I don't think he's done before.

Even though it took me more than 30 minutes of looking at the hole, bowl, and everything. I was able get a couple of one footers over it.

I only went over frontside.

Located: Joe Dancer Park, 1650 SE Brooks Street (all the way in the back)

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