Movie of Milton Freewater, Or. Our trip down there in May '4 (5 meg). (quicktime)

Download Quicktime player here if you need to.

In May '04, we were on our way to Hailey. We stopped into Milton-Freewater to check out the new Dreamland bowl. The city allowed us to skate past the normal time, as long as we were quiet. We were.

This bowl is a gnarly fun bowl. It definitely grows on you. Steve getting a 50-50 at night.

We woke up and skated the bowl, this is one of those artsy shots, a reflection off the oven in the Pursuader, is the bowl, with Jacob skating.

Steve found the bowl was similar to a real pool. It makes a guy think a little bit. The tall 10 foot wall doesn't have any flat below it.

Max found he could get a frontside air after a little adjusting to the waterfall right before the vert wall.

Jeremy also liked this bowl, and was also pulling some frontside airs. He also was whipping around the corners like a mad man, however photos of a guy whipping through the corners are rather boring. The corners felt to me like riding a cradle, they were so tight and fast. Speed is not a problem in this bowl.

Steve frontside grind. We were wishing for some pool coping in the deep end. This would have been a three block grind.

We stopped at the local Safeway (to spend money on supplies), and there was this bank to curb. Well, the kids just had to skate it, and the cop just had to come out and let us know there was a skatepark down the road.

Jacob ollie up and over the curb, landing below the bank.

Jordan came along on the trip to Hailey, but he's primarily a street skater, so this set of stairs in Milton-Freewater was more to his liking. Funny huh?

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Milton-Freewater Skatepark, Oregon
N.E. 8th Avenue and Robbins ST.,
Milton-Freewater, OR 97862