Full speed carve grinds are a little difficult in this bowl. And the shallow is triangle shaped, no natural mini-ramp. The concrete is fair, better than Renton.

John's full speed through the corner.

Steve lives only 5 minutes from the park. He wanted something deeper for his kids to learn on.

Originally this bowl was to be only 6 ft deep, with no vert and that would have been really lame, given the fact that the bowl was already going to have lights. Here's a little history on the park.

Dave showed up, Punk Rock!

Steve was on the front page of the Everett Harold. Click here to see the whole page.

It's nice to have elements in a park. But they seemed packed in quite a bit, not enough room for what's here.

The approach to the stairs is sloped. This is a flaw from a street skaters perspective. Makes it more difficult to ollie down.

Dave is holding his board and Steve is doing a grind on it.

On a different night, same trick only frontside.

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Mill Creek Skatepark
N Creek Dr & Heatherwood Dr.
Mill Creek, WA 98012