These are some old shots from 2001. Newberg at that time was a revolutionary park, and even today (2007) it remains a concrete Disneyland for skateboarders.


Driving Directions:

Traveling on I-5 (heading south): (Now this is my secret way to the Newberg Skatepark, so don't tell anyone. But, every mapquest thing will tell you to exit at the Tualatin/Sherwood area. This is fine, but it gets you all locked up in stop lights and traffic, everytime. The absolute fasted route to Newberg is to follow my directions further down the freeway, where no stoplights are encountered and minimal traffic too!):
Take exit 278 (Aurora/Donald Exit)
Right turn (Heading West) onto Ehlen Rd and follow for about 7 miles (unless you stop in Donald...)
Right turn at stop sign ("T" in road) on to River Rd NE and follow for 3 miles
Left Turn onto Wynooski RD (This is tricky, you have to watch for this left turn, it is just before you hit town)
Left onto 11th Street
Right onto River Street
Left onto 9th Street
Left onto S Blaine Street
Park is up ahead.

Link to Map