Bellingham's Indoor Skatepark

Around 1979 I the Bellingham Skatepark opened, located in the Watcom county fairgrounds indoor arena. It consisted of a collection of plexi-glass ramps, and wood ramps. This was a shot on the 7 foot high mini ramps. We used to call this doing a "wheeler" since no coping to connect with, the rider was riding on one wheel. Hence the wheeler.
Same mini ramp, only this time I over shot the wheeler. Opps! I made all my wood boards in wood shop in Jr. High. This was one of my favorites. It fit my big feet and wide stance.

This was me in the huge half pipe. I hadn't ridden a half pipe before this time. I was still four feet from the vert section.
Same half pipe, only this was nearly a year or so later. I think this was 1980. In that time, I had built my own half pipe, and was getting quite good at riding vert. I really liked that plexi-glass half pipe. It was one of the fastest ramps I ever rode. The Vert Section of the ramp said, "Firestone".



Brochure describing the park (Click photo for larger image).
(Click photo for larger image).