This picture was taken at the 1978 skateboard contest at the Everett Skatepark which was housed in an old ice skate rink (not frozen). It had a long mini-ramp section, short mini-ramp, a half-pipe just to vert, and a quarter pipe. Everything was plexi-glass, except the quarter pipe. Pipe coping on the mini's only.

360 at the Everett contest. They called this the "banked freestyle."

Lean air at Everett. I was doing these in '78, before I saw anyone doing them. I called them an "underhand air." (funny, huh?)

Another shot of the lean air.

The "banked area" was so much fun to carve.

Here's Kyle Kenny killing everyone in the contest, like he usually did.

Now, this is an interesting bit of history. All these names from the 1978 contest. Now, don't go calling me Danny. I'm Dan now, thank you. And you may have heard of "Q" that's Pat Quirke