Old Kennewick Skatepark

In 1978 or so I was able to visit the Kennewick park for the first time. It had this huge pool with tile, and a rope to help you get out. It was 16 feet deep. At this time, I hadn't skated much vert, and as a result, I felt a little overwhelmed. I never did reach the tile on this visit.

I went back there a year or so later, and was able to skate it a little better. But, being by my self, I didn't know how to keep my speed inside this monster. I was told recently that the only way was to stay near the sides of the bottom, not in the center. Oh.

The one thing that was different for this skatepark, was the banked slalom area. Partly based on the ditches that people used to ride, and partly based on the banked slalom contests that were held at the time. Unfortunately I wasn't ever able to compete in a banked slalom event. Here I'm riding it like a half pipe.

I went and visited the old site to find it was still not built on. This was October, 2004. I was also told that the when the contractor was leveling the park, he didn't want to fall in the 40 foot wide, 16 foot deep hole, so he just filled it in. Hmmm....

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