Olympic Skate Park ('78-'82)

The sign out front says it all.

Joe Toutonghi ripping a frontside air on a long board. This was actually a frame taken out of my camera (hence the poor quality), where Kile Kenny and Joe were skating a doubles routine. If I remember right they took first place in doubles.

Olympic Skatepark was the place to be in the late 70's and early 80's. I think it closed in '82 due to liability problems. I used to travel an hour each way just to skate there every weekend. Compared to today's Grindline parks, it was pretty kinky. Steve, who grew up in Lacy, still calls it old "Olymp-Kink". However, it was housed in a warehouse building, and all the doors could be opened up when sunny, and it was the only place to skate when it rained (that had a pool).

Fakie Ollie at the Olympic Skatepark, around '79.

Frontside Air, '80 at the Olympic Skatepark.

Back side hand plant in the keyhole bowl at the Olympic Skatepark, '79.

The channel jump.

Kyle Kenny was the Tony Hawk of our area. Here doing an invert. He made everything seem so easy.

Rob Skala doing his "squash bug" frontside air in the tear drop bowl at the '79 contest.

Rob Skala doing his back side hand plant, '79.

This was always an unusual site. Rob on Roller skates.

Mark Holt was another little ripper back in the day.

Tail Pivot/stall. You can see the Keyhole pool in the background.

Dan front side grind on real coping.

Mark Holt doing an Andrect Style Handplant.

Tail Tap. 1979.

scan of original sticker.

The deepest bowl at the park.