Reseda's Skatercross

In 1977 my dad told me we were going to Disney land. Well, being 13, that wasn't my idea of fun. I told him all I wanted to do was visit the skateparks in California. So, that's what I did. Reseda's Skatercross was one of the places we went to.

Reseda was an interesting design. It was more of a race track than a skatepark. This was the starting ramp. I finally got the courage to roll down it by the end of the session.

It looked to me like it was a remodeled drive in restaurant. It was a fun place to carve around though.

Some guys even were able to get some air. Here this guys holding both ends of his board doing a backside "cannon ball" type of air.

I wasn't nearly as good as half the skaters I saw. This could be quite intimidating at times.

   (Click photo for larger image).

Ponch and John from the CHIPS TV show ride the old Reseda skatercross! Episode #205 click here for more details.