Old Slalom Photos

(My movies aren't avalible at this time, sorry) A really old Slalom clip('76). 2.9 megabites. Quicktime required.

This was taken in 1976 I believe. Sports West and Bike Factory put on this event in their newly paved parking lot. It used the old '60s style cones that were death to hit. I'm pictured here. I'm riding my Bahne board with huge wheels. I thought that the wider the wheels the more traction.

This was my buddy Tim at the same race. He was riding his pink plastic board, boy that was a while ago!

Tim racing again, I think he did better than me that day. He ended up purchasing a Powell Quicksilver.

Here I am, my wood cutout deck (didn't have the money for a fancy Powell) Blue Kryptonic wheels, ACS Trucks, goofy old protective equipment, including Rector Gloves. I believe this was around '79. Oh yeah, those are Tin Cans for cones. They worked quite well, until some guy would run over them.

Another slalom shot. You can see my wood cut-out deck better, and the can's are on 5 foot centers, I think.