RDS Skatepark, Richmond, BC

On the Vert ramp, you never know who might show up. Here's Alex Chalmers. This ramp is huge. 13 feet high, with one foot extensions.

Sluggo doing some rather high back side airs.

It took me a while to feel comfortable dropping in on this ramp. But frontside grinds were still comfortable.

A little grinda on the extension.

Steve loved this ramp. 11 foot trannies are fun and floaty!

Dennis (local ripper, AKA Twicky) is a pretty good vert skater.

The street section has this door you can ride over. Steve was giving it a look see. Hmmm... he wasn't sure there was enough room or speed. We'll have to get back there and try again.

Sluggo grabbing his tail and spinning?

Alex was getting fence high!

Alex did this gap ollie routinely. It was just rad.

This flat bank extension had to be 17 feet high, and Alex somehow found the speed to ollie a foot above it!