I got word from the City that the Skatepark is now open (12/12/06). Not only that, it's open 24/7 with lights and everything!
It's right next to SE 228th Street.

Background information from the city:

"The Commons has been designed to serve as a social and civic focal point, a place where residents can conduct business, participate in community events, and enjoy the natural beauty of the Sammamish plateau. Despite a population of 36,000, the city, which incorporated in 1999, has never had a traditional city center to provide residents with a sense of civic identity.

"This is very exciting," Yazici said. ""Having a 'sense of place' in a community is extremely valuable."

The Commons site is located on the southwest corner of 228th Avenue S.E. and S.E. Eighth Street, just west of Skyline High School. The ground breaking is scheduled for 4 p.m., June 6 [2005]. The projected cost for design and construction of the project is $15.7 million. The construction contract was awarded to Bayley Construction of Mercer Island."

Park has a Basketball court, Climbing wall, located at the Sammamish Commons, which is next to the Police station as well.

Street skaters are stoked.

Mini-ramps are popular no matter where you put them.

If you look close you can see the picnic area. Something that every skatepark should have. A place for mom and dad to watch.

Sammamish Skatepark
801 228th Ave SE
Sammamish, WA 98075