Our trip started by visiting Kenny, Estelle, and Michael in Veneta, Or.. Here, Kenny and Michael are holding a cool carving they did. I also took some photos of the Veneta skatepark and the Roseburg skatepark on our way down to San Jose.

We all made it down to San Jose, somehow.

Jeremy's living in an apartment with three other guys.

Two of Jeremy's roommates, Joe and Adam.

Charlene and Grandma checking out his room.

The next was opening day. Here is part of Jeremy's team, power greeters!

The Alum Rock team...

I pledge to serve...

San Jose police uses a mounted patrol, nice horses.

We ate at a favorite of Jeremy's. "Pizza my heart" was near downtown, and near San Jose state University.

San Jose has cool light rail. Remember don't jump in front of the train.

We saw many things, while there. I drove by an empty pool almost every day. And stopped at two skateparks in California. One in San Jose, called Arroyo skatepark and one in Petaluma. I also noticed that skaters gathered and skated the same plaza where opening day was held. The way home was not too bad. We went from sunny 90 degree weather, to 45 degrees and raining in about 10 hours.