Mark, Roger, and Scott's Washington Skatepark tour photos

Their trip started in Sumner, however, I didn't snap any photos there...Here's Scott Tayor going over the door at Milton. Scott is the web editor for Skateboarder Magazine On line.

Mark tried several times to get over the door. Here's one photo. He didn't make it. Maybe next time.

Roger is seen grinding one of 187 blocks at Milton. Roger is the publisher for Skateboarder Magazine.

Scott did land a frontside air over the door. He was stoked.

We stopped at Mikes covered back yard ramp after a session at Bainbridge Island.

Scott rips up mini-ramps.

The next morning, we skated Carnation. Scott loved this hip. He said it was bigger than the ones in southern California.

Mark getting an oververt grind on the clam shell.

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