Click to play or download a little movie I put together of Spokane's park.

Download Quicktime player here if you need to.

I went to Spokane to skate the park, and it was snowed in. The snow stopped, and I took a chance and cleared a space for myself to skate. I got a couple of runs in. It was totally worth it.

Here's a shot of a grind with the snow and ice all around.

Jeremy had a good time at the park. He was relatively pain free, and is getting his frontside airs going again. Notice the background. Chaos, this is a busy park.

This is probably one of his first frontside grinds on a vert for almost a year. He slammed pretty hard, and that slowed him down a year ago.

I did a couple of one footers, however it's difficult doing anything in a new park. Because well, everythings new. That's what makes it fun too. Notice the rust and bits of concrete on the pipe coping. I actually liked it, it reminded me of pool coping. The locals said they were in the process of cleaning it off however.

The park is in Hillyard. Basically take the 2nd ave. exit and head north.

Spokane (Hillyard) Skatepark
N Market St & Decatur Ave.
Spokane, WA 99208