The area for kids and beginners is a great bonus.

Right hand kidney is different. The shallow is pushing 8 feet deep, and the deep end is 11 feet. This would be a really fast bowl if it wasn't for the many kinks in the bowl. After riding the bowl for a while, it reminded me of the Johnson bowl at Klamath Falls, Or.. No flat really to speak of, and pool coping, with tall walls. If it wasn't for the kinks it would equally as fast of a bowl.

No bikes, Open until 11PM and 10PM respectively.

Coping hadn't been ground much if at all. I put the first marks on it is some places.

Notice the Appartments nearby, just across the street.

Brian commented that the "contact Lens" wasn't deep enough of a radius. He rode it well anyway.

Lights until 9pm.

Smooth, but hard to get speed for.

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See it under construction.

Sprinker Skatepark
14824 C St S
Tacoma, WA 98444

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