So, basically the story is that local skatepark advocates Pete and Brock contacted the city, and got permission to not only liberate this area for skateboarding (They removed over 100 skate stoppers) they also got permission to pour this little manual pad, with granite. Matt Levens, among others, were also very helpful in persuading the city to allow this to happen. Now it's a sick spot to street skate on the waterfront in Tacoma.

Driving Directions:

Off I-5 take the I-705 Exit
Follow I-705 as it magically turns into Pacific Ave
Head straight on to Schuster Park way
Right turn onto "E" Dock street (first light after getting onto the ParkWay)
If you miss it, you have to travel about a mile on Schuster Park Way to turn
around and take a left onto "E" Dock Street.

Tacoma (Thea’s Park), Washington
535 Dock St.
Tacoma WA 98402