University Place Skatepark, Washington

The Bowl in University Place. 4/23/04, not done yet, but we got to ride it! (photo by Brock)

This park is still at least three weeks away from being finished. The city thought this bowl might be too deep. They thought they might need to fill it in a little to make it safer. This is Matt, and he and the city organized this little demo to show the city that their fears were unfounded. Notice the unfinished look, and the worker dude.

We were all stoked to ride a new park, yet to open park. Here's Matt again getting a backside grind.

The guy on the left asked Steve if this was an advanced bowl? Steve said no, if you want to make it an advanced bowl, it needs this much vert! (photo by Brock and his digital camera.)

Steve ripping like usual, with Mike demonstrating how to climb out. Me, I'm just hanging. (photo by Brock and his digital camera.)

Steve thrives on things that are difficult and fun. Here he spotted the missing deck, and had to do a 5-0 there.

Steve hitting the classic frontside grind.

This was a fun bowl. The big deep round part reminded me of the round part of the combi bowl. It needed tile and pool coping to complete the picture.

Mike getting some grindage.

The deep end was fairly easy to get a good grind, and the shallow end was tight and whippy.

Davie getting a nice grind too.

University Place, Washington Skatepark
Cirque Dr W & 71st St Ave.
University Place, WA 98467