West Linn, the movie (8 megs). (quicktime)

Download Quicktime player here if you need to.

Ken the Parks director (in Blue) next to the Mayor of West Linn. Grand opening celebration 1/11/03. Now, go have fun!

Tom Miller can really skate, here he's grinding frontside on the cradle. Tom's web page

Frontside carve grind.

Frontside air, not very high, but at least I was trying.

There's this little square bowl next to the cradle, here's Steve riding around it.

With almost every grind there was a little poof of pool dust, here's Steve. You can really see the poofing dust in the movie.

Sonny threw down some really good lines, here with a smith grind.

There was about 100 people watching us at high noon, it was a great atmosphere for skating.

Getting that grind on the oververt finally. (photo Steve)

Steve getting the full speed backside carve, hitting his wheels on the coping.

One footer in the Deep. You can see me setting up for it. (photo Shawn)

Frontside grind on the clamshell. (Photo by Nicole Rochelle)

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