This bowl is probably 11 feet deep. The wall on the right has 2.5 feet of vert.

The mountain in the Background is the Big Mountain Ski area, (notice the small amount of snow in late sept.)

Big Mountain ski area...

This was huge. Doug was thinking about doing this drop-in since his first visit. He did it, not only once, but many times on this trip.


This was another triumph for Doug. Turning frontside on this wall. I've always contended that big walls can be used at any height.

Another milestone for Doug. Kickturns on vert, or very nearly vert.

This wall was just plain fun. I spent much of my time trying to get more speed to hit it. (Photo by Doug)

This wall was easier to get speed for, but shorter, making it more difficult of an air for me. (Photo by Doug)

The local salamanders came early in the morning to check out the park...

This seven stair is called "The 7-11 Stair" because it's as big as an 11 stair.

Cool artwork. A smith grind on a Montana shaped wall.

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Driving Directions:

From US-93 heading north
US-93 becomes Spokane Ave. (follow it all the way to 2nd)
Turn right onto 2nd St E
Turn Right onto Armory RD (follow as it turns left)
Skatepark is on the left (park is behind community center).

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