Yakima Skatepark, Washington

Yakima was designed by Skateparkitecture. A company that doesn't skateboard, and it shows. Notice the lack of an opposing wall to the "vert" quarter pipe.

The coolest thing about this park are the signs.

Remember, no tricycles!

There are many things wrong with this park. Indicating it wasn't built by skaters. Notice that the coping sticks up about half as high as a skateboard wheel. This should be a smooth transition, not like this. A speed bump in the middle of a freeway. Also, notice that the designer, city and contractor that built the park hasn't fixed it. They don't really understand how bad their park is as a result.

A pyramid should be ride able from the sides. This one is not. Notice the grinding marks on the edges as a result of such steep angles. Designer is clearly at fault on this one.

This photo shows that the surface is brushed, like a sidewalk. It might seem right to a sidewalk designer or contractor. But to a skateboarder, this is just wrong. Not only does it ride rough on our wheels, it's like a cheese grater when you fall on it.

As one who likes to ride bowls. This one is a joke. It has something like a 20-foot radius, making it impossible to ride back and forth. And it's only 4 feet deep, which is a joke to any skateboarder who rides bowls. Similar to filling a swimming pool with only 2 feet of water and expecting a swimmer to have fun. Yeah right.