Port Angeles, WA

Opening day Sept. 4, 2005. This place features three bowls with some odd features around the outside. I believe I heard that it was 10,000 square feet.

PA Rotary club in their infinite wisdom didn't let anyone skate, until they were good and ready to do so. Which they arbitrarily picked, 1pm on Sunday for some reason. Here's the mass of kids running in at the opening of the gate!

This was a cool graphic, and I noticed some had t-shirts on with this logo.

It seems like Carl can do a rock and roll anywhere he pleases. This is one of the more difficult spots to do it at PA.

During a rain delay, we watched the gladiator dudes and Nick. Nick was being a goof ball and running up the wall and knee skidding down.(The gladiator dudes were just hitting each other, how boring!)

Jim was putting down some of the gnarliest grinds on this here oververt pocket.

Miles said he's going to grind it next time he comes out here. He rode with me to the park, it was quite a fun trip.

No Bikes...

Remember, Do not skate against traffic!

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Port Angeles, Washington Skatepark
306 S Race St.
Port Angeles, WA 98362