The "L" shaped bowl, is probably 11 feet deep and full speed fun. Even with water in it, I didn't want to leave. (Sorry Doug, you're a ghost).

Just one of many gorgeous places in Montana.

About 9 foot depth right handed kidney.

Doug getting some scratches on his trucks.

Tough spot for a grind. It was snowing... (Photo by Doug)

This bowl was just too much fun. Full speed! (Photo by Doug)

Even with water it was fun. If it hadn't had water, I would have been trying to get over the loveseat. (Photo by Doug)

Doug liked this bowl. He's getting close to the top here!

Snowing on us a little...Notice the strip mine in the background.(Photo by Doug)

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Butte, Montana Skatepark
E 2nd St & Garden Ave.
Butte, Mt 59701

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